Switch with number portability

Switch with number portability
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The telephone number of your company is of course very important for you, especially if you have been using this number for several years. Because all your customers know this number, you probably want to keep it. At VOIPZeker you can therefore switch easily and worry-free with number porting for all types of numbers. In most cases, switching to VOIPZeker is arranged within 1 working day and you are immediately online without any interruption!

How does it work?
Find out which telephone numbers you want to keep and arrange this via the website or inform our customer service. After you have indicated via the website, telephone or e-mail which telephone numbers you want to move, we will send the request to your current provider. We pass on the request that we will take over your telephone number (s) and then wait for approval from the provider. After approval, we will first test your telephone number (s) and your telephone number (s) will officially go online via our VOIPZeker network. So you are certain that you will remain 100% available!

How can I switch with number portability?
Switching to VOIPZeker with number porting is quick and hassle-free. You can quickly navigate to ‘number porting’ via the link below ‘Yes, I want number porting’. You can quickly move one or more telephone numbers here (porting) to our platform and you have the possibility to close new numbers when transferring with number porting Number blocks can also be moved to our platform quickly and easily.

Our experts are always ready to give you customized advice and arrange the transfer. To be able to help you as well as possible, it is useful to keep the telephone numbers that you want to keep during the application. Pass it on and choose an effective date that suits you best. How long does it take to transfer with number portability? You can transfer your number (s) at any time and in most cases you have switched the same working day without any interruption!

Switching to VOIPZeker is therefore easily arranged. If you want to choose new telephone numbers in addition to transferring with number portability, then that is of course possible. VOIPZeker supplies all types of numbers throughout the Netherlands such as new regional and 085 telephone numbers. You can choose carefree for a single number, but also for blocks of 10 or 100. If you are a larger company and would prefer a 088 number, then these are only available in blocks of 100 or 1,000. We have a solution for every type of business!

* Important to know before switching to VOIPZeker: On the day we transfer your number, your number must work. So it cannot be blocked.

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